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      Huaxi cold rolled steel strip Group with three plants, 13 production workshop. 6-high mill group 2, 4 rack of a four-high rolling mill group, 18 four-high mill group, The roller mill 88 Desk, Slitting a unit 4 * 1600, electric furnace 18 retreat, Steam Car furnace annealing furnace 10 sets equipped with chemical composition and mechanical analysis Test equipment, pickling line 28. From the tropics, pickling, cold-rolled, the sub-shear, annealing, packaging one-stop production, and formed a band in production and processing The steel production capacity of 300,000 tons. The main production thickness 0.10 mm-4.00mm width of 12 mm-350mm. Steel: Q195, Q235, 07AL, SPHC, SPCC series such as cold rolled steel strip , hot rolled steel strip , Pipe,e.g. And in soft state, semi-soft, Chilled state delivery. Products as Southeast Asia, Europe and more than 10 countries and regions in the country more than 20 domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Complete plant products, product variety, a wide range of uses. Mainly used bicycles, motorcycles, fitness equipment, furniture and construction industries, telecommunications, stamping parts materials, silicon steel plates, water supply and gas transmission projects. Plant products, "Sincerity-centered, winning through quality," and does not seek the best, but it must be better. Adhere to the "small profits but quick turnover, and mutual benefit" principle, with new and old customers to develop long-term friendly and cooperative relations, work together.
Steel common knowledge quiz:
1. The higher the carbon content of cold rolled steel strip hardness higher plastic worse?
Answer: carbon content of steel can be divided into three types:-eutectoid steel (0.0218% <Wc <0.77%), eutectoid steel (Wc = 0.77%), a eutectoid steel (0.77% <Wc <2.11%).
Eutectoid steel in Asia from the L phase cooled to room temperature organizational transformation process are: first precipitation ferrite, when the carbon content to eutectic composition when it left the Austrian
Body into pearlite. So at room temperature organization is F + P.
Eutectoid the austenite steel cooling to 727 degrees, eutectoid transformation occurred Generation P. So P is at room temperature organizations.
The eutectoid of steel from L to 727 degrees, will first crystallization into Albright, then precipitated cementite. 727 degrees occurred after eutectoid transformation. Therefore, the P + at room temperature organizations
Ferrite hardness <pearlite <cementite
Ferrite plastic> pearlite> cementite
Therefore, the higher the carbon content of steel hardness higher plastic worse.
2. Why four categories of steel there?

Four categories of steel is based on the distinction between what criteria? Who is the distinction? In a "verification", but no one right answer, no one Authoritative departments to a set-lun. So, what is meant by "four" rebar? Some people made such a statement:
A screw steel: the exemption in line with the national standard products, cold rolled steel strip,e.g.mainly by large state-owned iron and steel enterprises produced for the production of major or focus Capital works.
The second category steel: in line with the state standards, but not the exemption products, mainly by the production of some medium-sized steel mills, for general construction of Head.
Three types of steel: It is not in accordance with national standards of production, but "security test" tests fail to return, and tolerance serious Super Size Subscript. Such steel is generally more production of small and medium private enterprises, rural housing construction on the wider application.
Four categories of steel: mainly some rural Office, the County Office by small steel production, some enterprises have not even production permits, generally use five tons of small Electric furnace smelting, IF furnace production than the "manner of Steel" slightly better, the product is often counterfeit, the three kinds of products is linked to fake brand;
Without consistent with national standards, nor security testing, but the price is very low, there are certain market.
This is roughly four categories of steel division, the passage of time will be "common". According to some operators of reaction, at present, the three groups,cold rolled steel strip,e.g.
Four categories of steel "many buyers." Why such a phenomenon? One operator said: "This type of screw steel prices cheaper. Now the market Ф16 mm ~ Ф25 mm universal Class II rebar, if the exemption is in line with the international product category, at least in 3030 to 3,040 yuan / ton; And the same The specifications of the three kinds of products sold to the 2820 ~ 2830 yuan / ton, lower price of 200 yuan / ton, the owners of some ordinary course of construction works such Lo
Profiling Steel "Movable." Therefore, these three categories, four categories of steel in the market there will be a place in his "vitality" It is precisely in the "price Advantages. "
However, this was common in the four categories of steel in the market but the impact is real. Impact of the three categories, The four categories of steel with low prices, the impact on the market price formation, and not conducive to spurring stability. Impact bis, a fake and shoddy products Breeding ground for the integrity of an impact on business. Impact of Three, has sowed the seeds of hidden dangers to the users, once through the market of fake and shoddy mix of steel to a number of important construction projects, the consequences will be unimaginable.
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